Project BlockChain Marenostrum

There is true progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone

Henry Ford

From these words of Henry Ford the principle of realization of the Blockchain – Mare Nostrum project is based, implemented in partnership with various Sicilian and Tunisian bodies and institutions. In recent years, thanks to new digital technologies, an innovative culture of support for digital knowledge has increasingly developed and, in particular, the need has been found on the part of the population to know the history and identification of fish products. Blockchain – Mare Nostrum aims at a socio-cultural identity of the fishing world by giving active support to small and medium-sized Sicilian and Tunisian artisanal fishermen’s businesses and to the consumers themselves, thus consolidating direct and informative actions with issues related to food safety, fishing sustainability and traceability of fish in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, the focus of the project is to satisfy consumers and allow local Sicilian and Tunisian fishing companies to create a BLOCKCHAIN, creating a new model of economic development.

Blockchain – Mare Nostrum envisages the creation of two poles of cross-border cooperation with the aim of interacting with each other for the common development, integration and, at the same time, the transfer of data for the sustainable management of fishery resources. Blockchain therefore represents the reference technology for artisanal fishing products with the digital reproduction of the history and market resources inserted. All this is implemented with real-time access to news via dashboard. The project has another strong point, namely that of encouraging interested parties to share information to give greater visibility to Mediterranean small and medium-sized enterprises, offering them the possibility of reaching more markets. There are two bases of the pilot project: one in Mazara and the other in Bizerte, where an online trading platform allows you to get information, sell and buy fish products and also stipulate contracts online. A virtual showcase is created where companies can promote their products with secure price lists and traceability of goods. The consumer, on his side, has the opportunity to scan the QRCode of the Blockchain with his smartphone or tablet in real time.

Blockchain – Mare Nostrum is created thanks to the partnership between both private and public bodies and institutions with reference to Sicilian and Tunisian authorities and companies. The Mission is to increase the competitiveness of the Fishing System, through actions that promote the quality of products and services, using different strengths such as Marketing, Finance, ITC, management training and district management. Thus a tool for the promotion and coordination of the needs of a vast sector is implemented which favors medium and small fishing companies in the area between Sicily and Tunisia, with a strategic policy to allow for interventions aimed at growth and support of the sector itself. There are several implementing subjects, each with a specific role and competence starting from the Groupement Interprofessionnel des Produits de la Pêche – G.I.P.P. based in Tunis, the Fishing and Blue Growth District – COSVAP based in Mazara del Vallo, So.Gest Ambiente Srl – SOGEST based in Palermo, SQLI Services based in Bardo in Tunisia, the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani, the Cermed – CM based in La Marsa in Tunisia.