The productivedistricts, institutes with decree in 2005, have the objective to make to work the rows for integratedsystems in a position to giving a planning to territoriallevel. In 2007 the SicilianRegionhadrecognized 23: nine Industrial, eightAgricultural, fourCraft and two Fishing. The 2005 decreeprovided for the validity of the recognition for a period of threeyears, afterwhich the recognizeddistrictshad to go to the renewal. The District of Fisheries in theseyearshascarried out activities of coordination of the agricultural and fooddistrictsthroughnumerousactivities of impulsecarried out in all the regionalterritory.

Until March 2020, in addition to the Blue Fishing and GrowthDistrict, the RegionalCouncilorship of ProductiveActivitieshasrecognizedtwootherdistricts, with which the Fishing Districthas collaborative relationships for the pursuit of common objectives: the Meccatronica Districtand the Citrus DistrictSicily.

  • Meccatronica DistrictàTheDistrictwasborn out of the idea of developing a border area with a high level of technologicalspecialisation, situatedbetweenmechanical, automatic, electronic and computer science. The appropriate use of new materials, the integration of automationtechnologies, the use of methods of design, simulation and increasinglycomplexanalysis are some of the challenges of the new mechanics. The districtincludes industrial enterpriseslinked to the production of electronic and IT components and equipment, aswellasenterprises in the so-calledadvancedtertiarysector, belonging to the sectors of information technology, research and development and communications.
  • Citrus DistrictSicilyàThe Citrus Production District of Sicilyhasasitsfundamentalobjective to bringtogether and enhance, with the Sicily brand, alltypes of qualitycitrusfruits, fresh and processed, produced in the island, and be able, therefore, develop and share common strategies to support the entireSiciliancitrussector in terms of production, marketing and processing in Italy and abroad. The District of the Peach and Blue Increase, hasstructured a strong tie of cooperation with the DistrictPeach of Rovigo and Chioggia institutedformally from the Veneto Region in April of 2003, thatitisbornlikenaturalevolution of a vital and strong reality, for centuriesnow, in the area of the Po Delta; includeswithinit the companies thatinsist on the municipalities of Chioggia, Ariano nel Polesine, Loreo, Porto Tolle, Rosolina, Taglio di Po, Porto Viro, and operating in the fisheries/ livestocksector, the conservation and trade, and the processing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs, thusinvolving the entire production chain in a limited and protectedterritory, suchas the Po Delta Valleys.


The FisheriesDistrictisone of the founders of the “District of the supplychains and territories of Sicily in network” recognized with D.D.G 4257 12/12/2019 with a diversifiedstructurethatinvolves the entireislandterritory and the differentfields of the agri-foodsector, from tourism to organicfarming

Participants :


– Citrus Production District of Sicily


– Consorzio Tutela della IGP Pomodoro Di Pachino


– Associazione Biodistretto Valle del Simeto


– Associazione Filiera Frutta in Guscio di Sicilia


– Consorzio di Ricerca Filiera Carni


– Società Coperativa Agricola Produttori Olivicoli


– Dea di MorgantinaTouristDistrict

– Associazione Gusto di Campagna


“District of the supplychains and territories of Sicily in the network” focuses on structured production chains, the companies that are part of them, quality productions and theirConsortia to protect, in respect of the environment, the territory and consumers. The District on a regionalbasisisbased on some keyfundamentalprinciples:

  • centrality of the structuredenterprises of the Sicilian agri-foodchain;
  • valorisation of regional agri-foodaccording to the principles of territorial, social and environmentalinclusion and on the basis of green and blue economy strategies;
  • centrality of the valorization of the recognizedquality productions (Dop, Igp, Bio, Doc, Igt, Pat, etc.) fresh and processed;
  • promotion of tourismresourceslinked to production areasrepresentedaccording to the principles of IntegratedRelationalTourism; traceability and foodhealthinessaimedat the widerprotection and protection of consumer health, from the public drawingboard;
  • support for aggregate forms (districts, Pos, cooperatives, consortia, networks, etc.); guin
  • marketing supportthrough short chainstrategies and internalization;

In thisregard, the Committeealsoputsforward a hypothesis of a possiblegovernancestructure of the District, streamlined and exercised by the representatives of the structuredsupplychains, with the idea of opening up to other production chains and to the representatives of consumers and civil society engaged on the front of the protection and enhancement of the territory, with many of whichwe are already in contact and haveshowninterest and availability.