Project: BLEU ADAPT – Invasionbiologique marine et pêche: étude, atténuationdesdommages et adaptationdans le contexteduchangementclimatique”, to be implemented by ENI – Programme of Cross-borderCooperationItaly – Tunisia 2014-2020.

The objective of the Bleu-Adaptprojectis to provide a rapidresponse to the biologicalinvasion of the Blue Crab and supportadaptive management of the problem in closebilateralcollaborationthatwillallow an in-depthriskanalysis, whichwill be fed by ecological and socio-economic information collectedthroughparticipatoryapproaches with the fishing community.


Project: HELIOS – Enhancing the Social Inclusion Of Neet, under the ENI CBC MED Programme – A 3.3.1

Objective: to foster the development of the skills of youngNEETs (up to the age of 30), with particularattention to women (withoutagelimits), to meet the need of twospecificsectors: the Blue &Circular Economy.


Project: JOB MATCH 2020 – Centre for cross-bordercooperation, under the Interreg VA Italy Malta 2014-2020 Programme.

Objective: J combat the effects of the loss of competitiveness of the area (human capital flight, weakening of the productivefabric and increase of lowaddedvalueactivities) through the creation of a “Cross-borderConsultancy Centre”, to support cross-bordermobility and employment and strengthen the entrepreneurialsystem, whichwill benefit from the differentinstrumentsoffered by the project.